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More than you probably want to know about me...

Me, Me and...................MEEEE! whoo! time for intro's!

so... you want to know about me, do you?  well i'm 5'3.5, i'm 14 (almost 15) years old, i have short brown hair with red highlights. and i'm really cynical, snide, AND opinionated, when i want to be,  so i'm hard to get along with depending on my mood (sorry).  im also anarchist on monday through friday, and socialist on weekends. with the exception of during the summer, when im always anarchist, and the winter when im anarchist monday,  tuesdays till 3:00 pm, wednesdays, thursdays until noon, fridays, and sundays until 4:00 pm. between the hours 3:01 pm and 11:59 pm on tuesdays, 12:01 pm and 11:59 pm on thursdays, saturdays, and 4:01 pm and 11:59 pm on sundays, i'm socialist. and im a vegetarian. =) well thats all you get to know.  oh yea, don't forget to SMILE!!!

a note to you conformist dweebs
look, im wierd, i know that. but im my own person. i know im cynnical, snide, and 'way too opinionated', but i really dont give a shit. im here to disrupt and cause a riot. why? because all you conformists need to change a little, live a bit. so i cut my hair into a guy's haircut, and dyed it blonde over the summer (which looked REALLY wierd), then back to brown with red highlights.  guess what? being a freak isnt nessecarily a bad thing. if you hate me because im wierd, get a life. but i dont care if you found a real reason to hate me. thats okay.

Favorite Stuff

Favorite TV Show: Spongebob Squarepants
Favorite Movie: Little Nicky
Favorite Music: Metal
Favorite Book: Dead for life
Favorite Sports Team: Damn the sports!
Favorite Food: pizza all the way baby!
People I Most Admire: don't know

Favorite Quotes

If everyone likes me, I'm doing something wrong.

itz me!!