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Out of Shouts

Hey hon, what's up? anywayz i put your pic on my website so all my friends can see you.. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Je t'aime plus x infini! and btw i can SOOOOO beat you in super smash bros. melee, so bring it on love!

Hey Ashie B!!!!!!! omg i miss u sooo much, you're like the cool slightly younger sis i dont have! keep rockin girl and happy 14th!



Randall =)

Hey Kirbs! wud up, my anime obsessed friend? miss ya much!
you and your army of penguins better back down, cuz me and my leprachauns will not only rule the world, but also the UNIVERSE!! anywho, rock on bro!

  • Eli- even though you're mean and wont talk to me anymore, i'm sayin hi
  • Randall- yo kirby luv ya like the cool slightly older bro i dont have miss ya keep those penguins in line and leprachauns will rule the world
  • Michelle- wud up M-Dogg ur like the blonde sis i dont have...miss ya
  • Ashley- ur like the cool slightly younger sister i neva had..miss ya
  • Vlad- hey vlad the impaler i luv you moreeeeeeeeeee!!!
  • Skyler- meep!
  • Kayle- yo keep outta trouble if its possible
  • John and Jay- yo dudes, where ya been?
  • Ryan- keep rockin and i'll see u some time down the road girl
  • Drea-hey girl sry about the gameboy
  • Van- hey! luv ya like a brother miss ya rock on
  • Mommy- uhmmm hi?
  • Alfie- hey bro, how ya doin?
  • Steven- yo band geek! why not talk to me anymore?
  • Jared L- heyyy what're ya smokin and where can i get it?
  • Jared H- SMILE!
  • Tori- hey! miss ya much
  • Detrick- yo! how's cali?
  • David- yo how're things with laura? u two make a cute couple
  • Wheeler- wud up my fellow former buccaneer?
  • Jessica O- yo wud up? sry about bein such a bizatch
  • Bridgette- hey, wudz up girl?
  • Amanda N- heffers unite!!!
  • Amanda L- hey skankapoo wudz up?
  • Melanie- yo slutzilla whats shakin?
  • Amy- okay, i get the point... you dont get along with Carrie... but do you have to whine so damn much? oh, and by the way, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! god damn you whine alot! i paid you the damn two dollars u lent me. now QUIT FUCKING WHINING! damn! 
  • Cara- HI!!! wudz up?
  • Jason- hey! when're yougoing to give me some poems for my beautiful site??
  • Brian- hey wudz up!
  • Deidre- do you, smoky, and alicia hate me? if you do, i'm really sorry
  • Oz- hey wud up?
  • Gary- hey, wud up? i dont see why i put this shout out to you here anyway... you'll probably never care enough to look at my site. oh well while no one's paying attention, is my necklace still in your car? my mom's about ready to kill me.
  • Chris- call in the family, pickering's goin down lol
If I forgot you or you know someone i forgot, yell at me and i'll add them!
much luv u know u all worship meeee!- ashleigh the kathleen