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i hate me

I gotses issues

you know, sometimes i really hate myself. i do stupid shit and ruin the lives of those around me, and never show any remorse when i do it.i go and do shit my boyfriend beggs me not to do. its like i don't even care. i almost broke up with my boyfriend because of a guy i thought i liked, and i was going to break up with him through an email. cold, heartless, and cowardly of me. and yet, i still don't feel any guilt at all. sometimes i really don't care.i don't care if i wake up tomorrow, infact i think i may just take measures to make sure i don't. heh, some people say i scare them... i scare myself god damnit. there's no hope for me anymore. i dont care if i get emails telling me to think differently... it wont work, because i'm goingto end it all when everyone least expects it. i dont want or need your sympathy, but try and see if you can save me, if you're willing to waste your time. so go ahead and yell at me. my e-mail addersses are all over this site and you can instant message me on AOL instant messanger at Shadow Kitten123 or annonymouse13. i dare you... waste your time and see if you can stop me.

i just don't give a fuck!!!