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Ashleigh's Site of Stuff
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Welcome!! Please feel free to look about!

Yay! i have a site now! To those visitors that know me, aren't you proud of me? I did this all by myself!

Welcome to Ashleighville, or Kathleentown, which ever you prefer, right between Insanityville and StupiditySprings! I think you're just plain awesome for visiting!


pretty picture
isnt it a pretty rock?

What's New?

whoo hoo! you get to know whats new with me!

2/26/04 - i made my firstest site ever!
3/14/04- vlad and i's 2 month anniversary
3/6/04 - Happy B-Day Ashley!!
3/20/04- Happy B-Day Randall!!
4/14/04- vlad and i have been going out for 3 months
4/20/04- w00t! its 420!!!
4/22/04- i quit smoking pot! yay!
4/24/04- i create a second site
5/01/04- i broke my ankle
5/02/04- happy b-day rob^^
5/04/04- i made another site^^