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Wicca: Explained


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What is Wicca?
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What is Wicca?

Just exactly what is this"religion" i hear about?



           Wicca is a nature religion. Its main goal is to become in tune with the cycles of life and nature. There is no set dogma in Wicca but their are some common opinions that Wiccan's share. These include: As it harm none do what thou will. This is very much like the golden rule. This means that we must not do anything that will harm anyone including ourselves. On the other hand it gives us the freedom to do anything as long as we keep in mind to respect other people. It is up to each of us to determine the ethics and morals that will help us live up to this goal.

           Since Wicca is a nature religion I feel that I must point out the need for balance. This rule does NOT mean that people should not protect themselves. It must be remembered that sometimes you must hurt someone in order not to harm them. For instance, it will hurt to take out a splitter however leaving it in will harm someone.

          Deity manifests on three levels. Most Wiccans recognize one or more of the following three levels: The Ultimate One: All power comes from this level. Power at this level is neither good nor evil, only power. Also all things are part of this ultimate. Dualism: The Goddess and God. Male/female, active/receptive (In order to be complete I should mention that some Wiccan groups only worship the Goddess). Pantheism: The many faces of the divine. These are the gods and goddesses that men worship. These aspects help us to tap into the powers that are out there. This is the level that we can deal with most directly as we have created useful symbols or myths about these beings.

           Connection with "the divine" via the use of rituals and personal study. Emphasis is given on each person connecting with "the divine" and actively participating in the worship ceremonies. It is also expected that each person takes responsibilities for her/his own actions.

           We do NOT have anything to do with the devil. We don't believe in or worship Satan. Satan is a Christian belief. We do not believe in the concept of ultimate good or ultimate evil. Instead we believe that all is power and it therefore depends on how the power is used. It is up to us to use this power wisely. Since all actions we do come back to us it is stupid to use the power to harm others.

             There is no one religion for all people, everyone must find the path that brings them closer to divinity. I could say a lot more but it is my hope that this will give you the basics of the Wiccan belief system.